Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Surprise! CN 6206

Well, Jérôme decided to invest in rolling stock, a thing he rarely does: a CN P1K RDC-2 Budd car.

Strange? No! RDC-2 ran on Murray Bay sub during the 70s until 1976 when passenger service was discontinued. Better, the P1K unit roadnumber - 6206 - is the same I've seen on actual pictures taken in Clermont by Denis Fortier. Mr. Fortier was kind enough to provide me some scans of old pictures to confirm the fact.

Are we planning to run passenger trains. Not really. To be honest, our layout's sharp curves makes passenger cars toyish, very toyish and they don't like the peninsula. A RDC-2 can manage those sharp curves easily.

But Jérôme wants to equip the Budd car with a camera and a WiFi system. Don't ask me detail, I'm still living in a pre-cellphone world! I think this is a neat idea and will probably put wrote other posts if the project take shape.

By the way, I'm actually working on the photo backdrop for d'Estimauville and Villeneuve. So far, about 33% of the project is done. This is truly time consuming but worth the effort, and the fact I caught poison ivy while taking pictures of Maizerets. I once caught it when I was a teenager and quickly recognized the symptoms in the first minutes. Drastic measures were taken and infection was kept to minimum and they quickly recessed. What a relief! That plant knows how to make your life miserable!

Anyway, making the cement plant backdrop is gonna be a real challenge. If the building was still standing, it would be a piece of cake. But it is now gone and good pictures of it are scarce.

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