Saturday, September 22, 2018

First Time Here?

Hedley Junction is a HO scale layout based on Quebec City Area historic CN Murray Bay subdivision and we hope this project will be as inspirational for you as it is for us.

A Prototype

Our layout is all about capturing branchline railroading in Eastern Canada during the late 80s. Built by three modellers, this HO layout is mainly dedicated to the Old Capital former CN Murray Bay Subdivision linking together Quebec City, Montmorency & Charlevoix Counties. We also share an interest in its former and later constituent railways including Canadian National Railway (CNR), Quebec Railway Light & Power Co. (QRL&PCo) and Chemin de fer Charlevoix (CFC). This line was initially built in 1889 to bring pilgrims to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica and gained prominence as an electric traction interurban service nicknamed “Le Chemin de fer de la Bonne sainte Anne” (Good St. Anne’s Railway) between 1900 and 1959.

For more information about the prototype history, click here.

A Project

The current layout project has been around since February 2006. With a focus on accurate depiction of Quebec City area railroading, the project slowly evolved from a 1950s rail-marine layout to a modern mid-1990/early 2000s prototypical rendition of Murray Bay Subdivision under Chemin de fer Charlevoix management.

The layout depicts still prosperous newsprint and cement industries and small lumber customers which are a staple of Canadian branchlines. It is all about realistic freight operations of carefully selected areas, performed at a leisure pace characterizing the railway as we had the chance to know it when freight traffic was still in service.

A Vision

Like any beginners in this hobby, we started with big dreams of a basement filling transition era rail empire and refined our understanding of railway modelling drastically by leaning toward a simpler but much more achieveable project.

In more than a decade, we came across many pitfalls that shaped our approach to railway modelling. Taking into account limitations due to resources, time and health, we decided to go forward with quality over quantity. Over the years, we came to understand operation and fun didn't equate with size but rather with your own attitude.

While the project isn’t quality museum, we pride ourselves in trying to depict realistically railway operations in Quebec City Area as much as we can. For us, compromises are inevitable, but they can easily be dealt with by not trying to overreach which is why only two towns are physically modelled. By focusing our efforts, we ensure we can strive for excellence while having quality time together in the process.

A Team

The original founding crew, still in active service since February 2006, is made of Louis-Marie Huot (Provincial Government Official), Matthieu Lachance (Architect, O.A.Q.) and Jérôme Langlois-Lavoie (real-life Locomotive Engineer). Many fellow "brakemen" assist the group on a very irregular basis.

A special thanks goes to the late Mr. Jean-Pierre Veilleux (†2016) who was a precious source of historic facts and a dedicated railfan since the early 50s onward that helped us understand better our prototype.

At a Glance

Sometimes, pictures convey feelings better than words...





  1. I'm very impressed by the work you're doing! I'm slowly but surely modelling the former CP main in northern Vermont, mostly in the era from the Iron Roads subs to the present (depending on what motive power I'm using at the time). My layout is essentially a 12 foot by 42 inch rectangle, with an "L" extension for staging, all in N scale.

    One side of the rectangle is St. Johnsbury, with the yard, the former MEC Mountain division line still in use by a fictional short-line, and a few local industries that are still or were in St. J.

    I'd appreciate some help on the layout design for the other side. My desire is to have a small town with perhaps a feed mill and one or two other businesses served by rail. Any thoughts? I'd be happy to discuss further.

  2. Very nice work in progress. I really like the way your layout is not over packed with structures and is very realistic in regard to natural scenery.
    I would be interested to visit your layout with a couple fellows from our club: BV Rail. If that is possible, could you please contact us at our shop: BVHobby in St-Emile (northern suburb of Quebec City): 418-563-0118. We sure speak french, but since your Blog in in English... I am Stef, but ask for Yvan at the shop.

    1. Merci pour les compliments. Avec le manque chronique de temps, modéliser une subdivision tranquille et peu compliquée était le choix logique pour obtenir un résultat décent. Nous avons encore quelques gros travaux à faire d'ici Noël et un peu de nettoyage, mais je pense qu'il serait possible d'organiser une visite vers la fin décembre.