Sunday, March 18, 2018

Black Out

Who said you need electricity when assembling miniature trains?

During yesterday layout session, an impromptu black out happened in the middle of the night. Normally, we would have called it a night, but our boxcar chain assembly was quite efficient. Why waste such good mood?

Thus, we quickly resumed assembling our fleet of 12 LBF Hi-cube boxcars under dim candle light. Later, a LED strip was taped on the ceiling and connected to a 12V battery.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Custom Display Cabinet

Over the years, I have acquired many models and customized quite a lot, to the point our rolling stock and motive power drawers are quite clogged. Most of them have very little to no use on the layout and I could simply put them back in there boxes, However, it would be a waste to do so and instead, it was decided to build a set of custom display shelves to be installed over the doorway separating both layout rooms.

Using readily available plastic laminate planks from the local home improvement center and a few custom made glass plate, it only took about one evening to make these cabinets. Both cheap yet fairly decent, they make a good spot to display extra locomotives.

Now, we will be able to better organize the drawers when newer CFQ locomotives are acquired later this month.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spraybooth & New Perspectives

Since around 2003, I've been contemplating acquiring an airbrush and a spraybooth. Back then, I was a student with little money to spare. By 2007, I acquired an old Badger 250 airbrush. Not a bad product, but the previous owner didn't care about his tool and whatever careful I was, nothing good came out of using that airbrush. At the point I thought I was talentless. Then, about 3-4 years ago, I finally invested in a better tool which brought far superior results. However, I didn't purchase a spraybooth. I was a little bit puzzled by the high prices requested for good ones. I continued airbrushing in the enclosed porch of my house, which was far to be the best option. By last December, I simply decided to no longer airbrush until I got a spraybooth...

Finally, the day has come and a new home build booth, following profesionnal instruction is now ready for use. A big thanks to Louis-Marie for building it on such a short notice of time. With the new booth, I'll be able to take care of my health... and my backlog!