Saturday, May 8, 2021

Weathered Walthers CNA & TTZX Centerbeam Flat Cars

 A few months ago, I published a post about weathering centerbeam flat cars using military modelling techniques. It worked quite well, but before these, I also weathered a few yellow Walthers CNA and TTZX cars. These aren't as good as the MMA ones because I hadn't yet understood the full potential of the techniques and didn't use yet sponges to create very fine paint chipping. I hesitated before posting these pictures because we always want to show our best work, but going back and comparing is a great way to learn and see how much we have imporved.

The first car was weathered using my habitual techniques and it shows. While I tried to replicate the peculiar paint chipping pattern of the vertical structural members, it looked a little bit coarse and clumsy. Fortunately, it was better on the horizontal floor members, but the floor itself wasn't convincing, being only patch of pastel powder over a badly applied acrylic wash.

The second and third cars were done with a few select military technique. Unfortunately, I believe the fading layer was not strong enough and got overwhelm by dirt and rust. However, I tried to make the paint chipping and scratches smaller and sharper. I had yet to use oil washes to make panels pop up. Rust and dirt on the floor was done more skillfully and I'm quite pleased with the paint chipping on the lower parts.