Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Playing With Photo Backdrop and Rolling Stock

 We printed a backdrop from several pictures taken in Maizerets last Spring. This is cheap printing and thus colors ended up much more darker than intended even if I took care to brighten the image in Photoshop before.

At least, it gives us a good idea about what it would look. The forested area works well but there's something weird with the cityscape. It will have to be redone diferrently.

Also, blending decently the highway at D'Estimauville isn't that great. Seriously, it may work well with country lane or small urban streets, but large avenues are harder to blend together with the 3D scene. I actually have no idea how to handle this one.

Meanwhile, Louis-Marie finally fixed the electrical issue with the reversing loop... to my dismay. I was more than ready to rip it off at the first occasion. All evening, I kept a pair of pliers in my pocket to be sure I could get rid of it if the electrical problem wouldn't be solved. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait another time to finally put my scheme in action. On the serious side, I must admit I'm reluctant to build scenery there that could be destroy if we change our minds...

That said, before that, I have to complete the backdrop and then paint and ballast the cement plant tracks in Villeneuve. The next big challenge will be building the plant itself. Anyway, I'm lacking scenic material to go further in Maizerets.

Just for fun, I took various pictures of rolling stock displayed in Maizerets, including the final batch of woodchip boxcars now weathered. I once said this was a particularly interesting spot to shot rolling stock and it's even truer since we installed the temporary backdrop.

It's always fun to have some really old cars hanging around. I remember - when I was in highschool and college - a bunch of very old cars, including a maple leaf CN boxcars, stored in Maizerets on a derelict siding.

I just love those Accurail OSB boxcars. Simple but effective.

Here are some other shots.

A custom-painted Walthers Airslide hopper lettered with Highball decals

All my woodchip boxcars are now weathered too.

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