Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MLW RS18 Madness - Part 5

In my ever ending quest to provide correct motive power to our layout, I acquired two years ago a Proto 1000 CN Zebra RS18.

The model is notorious for its wrong proportions here and there. That's true, but it is barely noticeable under normal circumstances. Yet, one wonder how a model can be so off from the prototype when correct data was readily available to the manufacturer.

That said, the most disheartening mistake made by Proto 1000 (Hobbycraft Canada) was the paint job. Yes, it is nicely done with correct and complete lettering, but the orange is bright and miles away from the real thing. Also, the lettering was quite gray-yellowish. It is well-known CN don't use pure white but a very light gray, but they overdid it too much.

Since I'd like to run this model with my other RS18, the discrepancies in colors can't be overlook. After pondering this issue, I decided to remove all the lettering and repaint the orange parts. It was also a good occasion to fix a painting error on the battery boxes toward the long hood. To remove the lettering, I used the tried and true trick of soaking the letters with Solvaset then wet sanding them. Leaves no scar and take care of everything.

The operation took aboutone hour, but now the locomotive fit perfectly my other units. When the paint will be dry tomorrow, I'll repaint the grab irons light gray, then decal and dullcote the model... and back on track after some weathering. I'm not sure if I'll install a keep alive in this unit, but it is quite likely to happen.

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