Sunday, February 14, 2016

Terraforming Rivière Malbaie Valley

Time to see what lies beyond the bridge isn't it?

Finally, the landform problem is solved. Regular readers know finding a way to blend seamlessly this scene with the rest of the peninsula wasn't a piece of cake. But with the help of styrofoam, floral foam, hot glue and universal mud, nothing is impossible... just be prepared for the huge mess it makes!

We thought about reusing parts of already build scenery, but we scrapped everything as it was much more easier to start from scratch. Floral foam was used in heavily forested areas rather than standard styrofoam. It's far easier to plant trees in floral foam, it's made for that.

The cliff was completly remade out of floral foam as it will be heavily forested.

The final result does exceed my expectations by a wide margin. Clermont scene transition with the rock face is now more natura. Also, the tracks now seem to truly curve gently around a riverbed. I'm particularly satisfied with the road in the background.

So let's take a tour of the newly terraformed land...

The farm and road network was built first. Lessons learned while making the landform mockup helped to make it less dramatic and more subdued.

The completed farm scene will more subtle topography.

The tank track is moving over the new propane dealer access road.

A general view from Clermont yard.
Something tells me this is gonna end up in a terible accident... just like Duel!

Then the final result when everything is painted with dark brown latex paint.

The new propane dealer is located on the foreground.

A very nice new railfan spot from the hill.

The next step will be to paint track, but that will have to wait until I get custom made turnouts to finalize the the track road once for all.

By the way, did someone ever wondered found Woodland Scenics' rock mold looked like E.T.'s head? Really weird. I don't believe in coincidence!

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