Thursday, March 17, 2016

Poor Man's MLW M420 Kitbash - Part 7

Here's some update about this project, which isn't lingering as much as people may think, but only progressing slowly due to lack of available time.

I'm still wondering if I'll pre-assemble the shell all together before final installation, but it doesn't mean I can't paint and decal the unit.

So far, to make the stripping effortlessly, I decided to cut individually each decal stripes to get rid of the useless transparent film. It means less chances to get silvering and air bubbles, thus a better end results.

To be noted, the roadnumber wasn't picked randomly, but was carefully choosen to represent a real M420 that was assigned to Murray Bay Subdivision for a while. This particular unit was quite damaged when it was wrecked against a rockslide and plunged into St. Lawrence river back in 1993.

As much as I could, I adapted the paint job to be closest as possible to this unit, including the silver headlight.


  1. Would you consider ever making one of those to sell ? I might be interested in purchasing one

    1. Honestly, it's too much work for the result. The best way is to get a prototypical Kaslo resin shell and motor it with an Atlas drive. My kitbash is a kind of personal "revenge" about an aborted attempt. I cross my fingers some manufacturer will see the light soon and offer it as a RTR locomotive.