Monday, December 5, 2016

It's Springtime in Clermont

While subtantial snow falls occured last week in Quebec - turning La Bell Province into the proverbial Winter Wonderland - Spring started to show its face in Clermont.

We started to apply forest ground cover on the hillside behind the feedmill. The ground cover is a mix of blended oak leaves (fine and coarse), some small rocks and sand and various tree debris made of defect tree armatures. All was soaked in white glue, water and alcohol and left to dry.

Since the ground cover is now lighter than the dark brown base color, the scene now look larger and with more depth.

I could have covered more ground but I ran out of dead leaves. However, Louis-Marie started pruning and shaping tree armatures from various twigs. We collected them a year ago near Maizerets and we have three large garbage bags full of them. I'd like to say it's enough, but I'm well aware it won't be! Scenery is an insatiable monster.

Meanwhile, I found a new interesting spot for shooting picture. In fact, as the scene progress I find more and more new picture spots. This is truly a blessing because you never know how a scene will looks like during planning and early stage. Clermont was mainly a big improvisation and could have turned quite bad, but it is truly getting that "Charlevoix" feel.

Finally, we operate a full train that night which didn't happen since quite a while. It was good to see glitches were rare and that the new turnout handlaid by Taylo Main worked flawlessly. As I said, the turnout required some guardrail adjustments, but now the issue - which was fairly simple - is resolved. New plastic ties are getting cut to lenght and will be glued and painted. When that is done, weathering the track and adding ballast will be the next step.

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