Sunday, January 22, 2017

CN Chevrolet Suburban - Part 1

Yesterday, we discussed about the vehicles on our layout. While we don't want to crowd the place, we think a few cars and trucks defining the era are a good addition to any scene. Indeed, most people will easily find the era by the cars rather than the trains.

On the layout was a Trident Mass. Police Suburban. The paint was ugly, but the fact I had recently seen a picture of a CN Suburban painted orange was enough to start me working on that project.

The body carbody was painted CN Orange #11, the interior light grey and underframe a very dark brown. Details were painted according to prototype pictures, including chrome trims around windows. These little details really helped to bring life to a somewhat crude model.

But to be honest, Trident trucks aren't bad, they just got the most cheapest factory finish you can think of.

I've ordered CN MoW truck decals and will complete this project as soon as possible. I'm also thinking about repainting an Econoline in the same paint scheme. Now, if I could only find a decent pickup truck...


  1. I might be able to send some decent pickup trucks your way. Give me about a month....

  2. No problem Taylor, I'm not in a hurry. Finding decent HO pickups for the 1980s is quite tricky.

  3. May I ask what your source is for the CN MoW truck decals? Thanks!

    1. Tyler, I will use Highball Graphics set F-344 for MoW truck