Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Avenue du Sous-bois

The first visible change in VIlleneuve is the new Avenue du Sous-bois asphalt road. While I recently experimented with spackle and other similar products, I find it easier to work with illustration board as done by Gordon Gravett. Not only it is less messy and easier to control the final result, but I can take the part on the benchwork and work under better conditions.

Since the track geometry is not parallel where the road crosses the track, I had to find a trick to ensure all the parts would fit perfectly. To do this, I used a sheet of paper and placed it exactly were the road will go. Then, using a truck equipped with metal wheels, I rolled over the paper and track. This little trick left flanges impressions on the paper that were used as a template to cut the illustration board.

After an hour of cutting and fitting, the road is now done and ready to get cutters and a good coat of paint. It won't be installed until the tracks are painted. In that regard, I'm actually developing a new approach to painting track with oil paint washes.


  1. Love the idea of using trucks to imprint the cutting line. Thanks for the great tip.

    1. Glad it will help you! It certainly takes off a lot of guesswork.