Monday, January 22, 2018

Maizerets Pump House - Part 1

Among the many structures I have to scratchbuild for the layout, the most non descript one is a small 14 ft x 20 ft concrete block pump house located by Henri-Bourassa Boulevard overpass. Far to be interesting, this building nevertheless tells us a story about the industrial nature of the area. In my case, this diminutive building reminds me of deep industrial sounds typical of the area and locomotives idling in Limoilou yard.

Putting together this structure was a matter of a few hours and painting too. Not that I rushed the project, but it was simply easy to do. But beware, this time, instead of painting with straight from the bottle colors, I toned down every color I used by adding roof brown, white or black. It was the best way to get a faded effect without having to resort to overkill weathering.

A few dabs of PanPastel helped to add dirt along the footing and bring some depth to this gray-painted structure. Then, I airbrushed a light coat of Dullcote to fix and seal the pigments. The next step will be to add a few signs on the door and a red-colored cabinet on the right wall according to prototype.

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