Sunday, June 29, 2014

Preparing the benchwork

Yesterday was a productive day and we made a lot of progress. Enough to be able to start laying track during the month of July. Maybe. Among many task, I started to paint and weather the turnouts that will be used on the mill site. It is easier to paint turnout before installing them than after. Flex track will be painted on site though.

First, the fascia was completed all aroung Clermont. That included rewroking the first section we built to get a better looking curve.

The second section - left to the river -  was modified. After looking at prototype pictures, it was determined the track on the mill side is located on an embankment that is far higher than surrounding lands. This new platform open a new perspective on the bridge and makes the river valley looks larger than it real is.

Also, the fiberboard was painted with dark brown latex paint to seal it. That material makes a lot of dust overtime and we wanted to seal it for this reason. Also, it will give us a nice ground to build scenery upon.

Finally, the fascia was primed and received two coat of paint to blend it with the existing fascia. We thought about repainting the fascia a dark green, but so far, there's some disagreement about that.

Next step is to give fascia a last coat of paint and install definitely the bridge abutments. Building the river, printing the mill's photobackdrop and making labels are also top priority for the next weeks. I'll have to invest a few buck into a static grass applicator too.

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