Saturday, May 9, 2015

Electric Wiring Issues In Maizerets

I’m proud to announce Louis-Marie finally got rid of every little electric wiring issue in Maizerets. That means three good news: operation is now smooth as  silk (at least, in that very area), we can move forward with scenery and our locomotives weren’t entirely faulty (I’m looking at you Bachmann GP9s!). He also addressed other problems here and there. So far, so good.

Anyway, as previously stated, we will proceed with implementing capacitors on our locomotives to help them operate even better over turnouts, particularly for our small GE switchers. I feel the 44-Ton will need a serious mechanical rebuilding program. I’m seriously thinking about scrapping all Backmann “coffee grinder” motorization, replacing it by a Stanton drive and add sound, capacitors and weight under the shell. I’m just a little worried the project may cost a lot of cold hard cash. Wouldn’t it be better to just invest in a new Atlas S2 with DCC sound, kitbash the cab and repaint the shell in Donohue’s scheme? I feel the second option will cost fairly less. Jérôme on the other hand pointed out the GE 44-ton is an interesting prototype that fits our era. He also claims smaller locomotives with less tractive effort make for more challenging operation. I must admit he’s right about that.

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