Sunday, May 24, 2015

Small Track Modifications

Last time I operated the Donohue paper mill, I quickly found out the small runaround track was not longer enough to perform move in an optimal fashion.

Actually, this small stretch of track can hold about 5-6 50ft cars. To be more useful, it should be at least 10-cars long. On the prototype, it is about 420 feet long, which translate to about 58 inches in HO ( 7 to 8 cars). The difference isn't that much, but it often a matter of one or two more cars what would be needed. Also, I must stress that until we build a runaround in Pointe-au-Pic, the paper mill is the de facto terminal. In fact, I'm seriously thinking about making it the "real" end of line. I feel it ain't right to try to cram to much track on a sharp S-curve. I would only keep the wharf team track there.

I remember Jérôme once talked about that and I now think he was right (never distrust a real life railroader). The best way to solve the problem would be to lenghten the siding until the escape track is long enough to hold 2 locomotives + one 50ft car.

Next time I meet Jérôme at the club, I'll probably ask him to do the change to see if operations are improved.

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