Thursday, September 6, 2018

Finding inspiration...

Donohue switcher working Clermont yard

During my almost 5 day stay in hospital last week, I had plenty of time to think about the layout and look at inspiration once again. Hospital rooms, particularly when you are alone in them, are special capsules where you evade such notions as schedule, time or sense of purpose... You indefinitely wait and work your patience. But this can also be seen as a pure form of freedom which isn't a bad thing from time to time.

Bringing cars to Donohue paper mill over Malbaie River

While I didn't bring a lot of entertainment with me, I minded bringing my tablet thinking I would kill time watching series while in bed. But I had very little energy to spare watching long videos and finally started to look at CFC Murray Bay pictures shot during the 2000s by Jérôme. Having a lot of time meant I could start to analyze little details like car blocking, train movements, how cars were switched and mundane details in seemingly nondescript environments.

Train 523 leaving Beaupré after picking up newsprint loaded boxcars.

Here's a collection of a few pictures that made an enduring impact on me and which I consider represent the essence of railroading on Murray Bay Subdivision. You will quickly remark you won't find incredible panoramas and dramatic cliffs, but industrial settings where things used to happen. As I previously wrote, theses places are location where my interaction with CFC has been the most important.

Train 523 crosses Ste. Anne River bridge in Beaupré

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