Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Bridge on the River Malbaie - Part 2

I determined ME bridge flextrack was unsuitable for my project. I need to bash it and delrin isn't the best material to glue things on. Also, I find the wood grain to be unrealistic and I wasn't very excited about having 3 rail joins on a 24" long bridge. I had a few Central Valley bridge ties and decided to use them. It will be also easier to install Peco Code 83 rail on then and Code 75 rail guard. Also, CV ties width is closer to the prototype than ME.

Clermont bridge have a wood plank walkway on a side. This walkway is bolted on longer ties every 5 ties. I cut a few CV bridge ties in halves and glued them on the bridge ties.

Then, I glued the bridge ties to the bridge itself. It should be noted the bridge previously received a coat of base color: Krylon Camouflage Brown. The bridge final color will be a heavily weathered coat of black. I'll try the salt weathering technic for this one. Hope it will turn out well.

An interesting detail of this bridge is how the ties extend well over the concrete abutment. I don't now the exact reason for this detail, it is quite a rare sight, but I thought it would give some personality to this project.

Railing will be made out of styrene, Evergreen or Plastruct, but I need to buy some more at the LHS. I'm not sure if I will make the plank in wood. I prefer to use styrene because the glue bond will be far better.

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