Friday, September 25, 2015

An Employees Time Table

After lots of work yesterday, I was able to put together this first time table that will be used while operating the layout. Jérôme did an excellent work streamlining information in such a away only relevant stuff would makes its way on the paper. Then, I had a fun evening browsing throught old 80s CN employees time table to reproduce the graphic style. Believe it or not, everything was done using Word 2010, a feat considering I'm much more proficient using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. It was also designed in such way changes can be done without ruining the formatting.

It ain't perfect, but it will be improved as much as we can while operating. A map with all trackage found on the modelled portion of Murray Bay subdivision can be found on page 2. I followed Trevor Marshall's excellent posts on his Port Rowan paperwork. This map will help people less familiar with the layout to find their ways and plan their moves.

It also means we will have to add - later - signs on the fascia identifying various features and significant mile posts. Oh! Model railroading... Each time you think you completed something, thousand projects pop up!

We also have a prototype clearance form that will used too.


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    1. Sorry Steve, I accidently deleted your comment (but reposted it again). The timetable was made by plicing together informations from 3 timetable (Quebec Area 1975, Atlantic 1980 and New Foundland 1987). When I have the actual 80s data from Murray Bay Subdivision, I'll update it. I followed the K.I.S.S. principle as requested by Jérôme.

  2. Your timetable looks very good! I will post mine on my site soon. I have much the same information in the timetable.