Tuesday, September 15, 2015

CN 40ft Insulated Boxcar - Part 4

Sometimes, you need to use your imagination to overcome some modelling challenge. I had to replace the wrong CN logo with the correct one. The problem is that all my available decals feature the tilted waffer logo.

The answer was to use a "correct" Grand Trunk Railway logo from a Microscale caboose decal sheet. I removed the GTR lettering, but keep the white box.

Later, I applied the "CNR" and slogan taken from a discarded C-D-S lettering transfer set.

The result isn't perfect. In fact, GTR white box was a square while CNR box was a rectangle, but I can live with that. Also, you'll see some bright green color in the "N" letter from the C-D-S maple leaf logo. It should be to hard to hide this while weathering the car.

While at it, you can see the heater box was scratchbuilt from styrene bits just like I did on the previous boxcar. However, it took only a few minutes to build this time. Brake details are from Accurail. I bought a bulk package of them last year and find them quite useful when I need to quickly improve a cheap underframe without losing my sanity.

Generally speaking, I'm quite happy how this car evolved from a cheap model to something more prototypical. I never liked that car, but I think my appreciation changed as I worked on it. This is a nice thing about improving cars, you create a personal link with them that is much more stronger than buying a RTR, whatever the quality. It also applies when weathering a RTR car.

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