Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bachmann ACF Centerflow Hopper Kitbash - Part 2

Let's continue with this bash.

After applying the first coat of primer, I quickly found out I forgot to add some brake details. A set of Accurail details probided most parts required.

I also added a chain to the brake wheel housing to make it more plausible. Fortunately, I had some spare part in the junk box. I was also a good occasion to add end platforms made by Intermountain. Subtle, but truly makes a difference.

Finally, weld seams were made using white acrylic paint and masking tape. You probably remember I did a similar trick with my Athearn Centerflow hopper kitbashes. It was OK, but I felt the results was a little bit rough and coarse. With paint, you have more control and the finish is closer to a prototypical welded seam than CA glue.

And the coat of grey paint.

And the decals.

And back in the original Bachman box! Looks almost like an official release!

And while in service on the layout at Clermont. Another enjoyable small project that improved my skills. I'll will be even better with a light coat of weathering.


  1. Well done! I especially like your idea for adding the weld seams!

  2. Thank you Karl! The weld seams are so easy to do and have a great overall impact, particularly after weathering is done.