Sunday, April 17, 2016

Montmorency Falls Station - Part 2

Mark my words. It only took 12 hours to install and scribe the cladding on the station... I almost lost my sanity toward the end when my eyes were unable to focus anymore. It was time to go outside, take the bike out of the shed and ride for the first time of the year under the glaring sun.

This is when I lost my sanity... and eyesight.

Each row of shingles was made out of 6 mm Tamiya masking tape (in fact, it took an entire roll). Each single was individually scribe with a metal point. In the end, I felt building the real station would have be less mentally tiring!

The bow window area will be cut later when the exact profile will be known

Fortunately, the result is exactly what I wanted and after a coat of paint, it looks great. I don't care the amount of work I put in a model as long as the pay off is worth the effort. No pain no gain isn't it?

Next step will be to build the roof structure. I suspect the front gable will be quite a challenge thought... Oh, and more asphal shingles on the roof!


  1. Hi Matthieu:
    Boy that is a chore...but really nice looking once completed...good work...George Dutka

    1. Definitely a crazy idea. Back in my high school days, I used a similar methos but with regular paper stripes which made it even more tedious.