Saturday, April 23, 2016

Montmorency Falls Station - Part 4

The new station in context.
The project is moving forward nicely I must say!

I recently made the roof overhang brackets. Once again, the good old trick of using template save a lot of time and headache.

While the brackets were drying, new fascias where cut and cemented. Too make things easier, I measured exactly the roof dimension and made the gable's fascias as one part.

The next was to install new beams under the roof on which the brackets will rest. It went easier than expected. I laminated 3 strips of styrene cut to length. The final adjustment was done using a file rather than trying to make a perfect piece from the start. There are times like that were incredible precision is more a hindrance than an asset.

 At this moment, I was ready to install the brackets. Using an X-Acto blage, I chamfreined the bracket's diagonal members. It may seems a very small detail, but it has an impact in making the brackets look far less bulky.

Unfortunately, while looking at old pictures, I found out the station had more brackets than I first thought. At this point, I have two options: make the missing brackets for the invisible rear wall or let it be because nobody will ever notice... My inner conscience tells me I shouldn't cut corners!

Finally, I added small trims under the soffite to make a nice junction between the walls and roof. This is also another small detail that is a difference maker when building scale structure.

So now, only a few remaining brackets and the bow window roof needs to be addressed prior to painting and adding the roof material.

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  1. Love the station Matt, where do I sign up for one? Just kidding, but great work!!!