Sunday, May 29, 2016

M420 & Operations

We took a break from scenery work yesterday and went back to operation. For this special occasion, I brought the kitbashed M420 to see if it was working fine before adding the last details and weathering.

Operations started in D'Estimauville by setting a few cars that would make the local switcher bound to Ciment St-Laurent. A set of Shawmut Line hoppers by Bowser were repaired (they had stability problems with their trucks - a common occurrence with Bowser's old cars) and put in service.

In Villeneuve the local train took the siding to meet a Budd car doing the Clermont-Quebec City morning run.

As you can see, Villeneuve's yard is almost at full capacity and a small switcher is already at work in the background unloading coal and gypsum.

Later, train 423 pulled by a shiny M420 is ready to leave D'Estimauville with cars bound to Montmorency and Clermont. While, the talks about Dominion Textile's imminent close down are getting confirmation, at least three large cotton boxcars will be set out en route.

At D'Estimauville Avenue, a new station sign now grace the station entrance per prototype.

Finally, later in the afternoon, the train from Clermont is reaching Limoilou yard at a snail pace.

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  1. Things are looking great! I love that station sign, both the HO scale one and the one on the fascia.