Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Maizerets - The Next Step

Scenery work as finally started in Maizerets, but a few questions remains. Among them, what to do with the road and the real estate lying in the foreground.

I'm trying to make a relaxed scene with only the required amount of elements to make it credible. So far, the temporary backdrop holds its ground and we have grown accustomed to seeing Quebec City iconic skyline as our trains reach the staging area.

The yellow square shows the new building location. The bike trail at left won't be modelled.

The sweeping curves described by the tracks and road converged toward a focal point and I feel the scenery must help to frame this concept of the train finally reaching the big city.

Maizerets is well known for its row of tenements built between the 1930s and the WWII. I wasn't sure if there was a possibility to install any buildings in the area, but a quick overlap of Google Earth pictures on the track plan convinced me it is possible. Another positive thing is the fact the area is full of large trees covering the streets and buildings with their canopy. They are a great way to hide the fact the layout is reaching a wall and disappearing in a hole.

So, until then, I'll build the road, sidewalks and cutter. The tenements will be mockuped to see if the idea makes sense. In the worst case scenario, only the back yards and large trees will be kept in the final version.

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