Saturday, October 25, 2014

Donohue's Warehouse - Part 3

Glazing has been added to Donohue's warehouse. The product itself is made by a German company specialized in metric model supplies. Material is called Vivak.

First, I cut the material to the right window size. My idea was that a tight fitting would prevent the use of glue and minimize to make a big mess out of clear material. The glazing was then sprayed with a good layer of dullcote to reproduce the effect of fogged corrugated translucent plastic.

When dry, I used a few drops of oil colors including burnt umber, raw sienna, white and black. Everything was wiped out gently with a large brush full of mineral spirit. I tried to reproduce the streaking effect found on the prototype. I feel it turned out quite right.

When dry, I only add to insert he glazing inside the opening. Pastel chalks were used to weather the concrete foundation a little bit more. This time, I wasn't afraid of using colors such as olive green to reproduce the growing vegetation effect often found on concrete foundations. It helps to blend the building in its future surroundings. Also, always using dirt colors isn't realistic. After a while, you feel like everything just came out of the factory.

I also acquired recently a few more covered hoppers for cement traffic including 3 True Line slabside hoppers in CN wet noodle, 2 Intermountain Procore pressure hopper in black wet noodle and finally an Intermountain cylindrical hopper in wet noodle (not one for grain). The cement fleet now amount to 21 cars, all of them prototypical and high-end models. It wasn't a cheap fleet to build but it was worth the time and money.

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