Monday, October 13, 2014

Upgrading Bachmann GP9 - Completed Project

Completing a project is always fun and satisfying. I'm probably not the only one who have more fun when he runs models he upgraded, bashed and tweaked.

Bachmann GP9 is a nice model for the price. The only problem is that running qualities can vary from a model to another. Same can be said about motor noise (be aware their RS3 is far better than the GP9 which is still quite very good). Except that, this particular Bachmann's offering lend itself naturally to super detailing.

I already said I wasn't trying to get a 100% prototypical model out of this engine. Getting a general CN look with the right details in the right place was the main goal. Louvers and handrails aren't correct, I know it, I can live with it. If you don't plan to install sound in them, the bill for parts would be about 25$ per units + decals and paint.

Both locomotives are equipped with Tsunami Soundtraxx decoder. Jeff Boudreau from Modèle BT did the installation and adjustments. I'm really satisfied with his work, it really brought these engine to life.

No, this isn't a GMD1!!!
I consider they are complete, meaning all paint and details are done. However, they will need a coat of dullcote and some heavy weathering to look like real CN locomotives from the 80s. Those who survived in the wet noodle paint scheme were dirty as can be.

My only regret is that is you sum up all the expenses to get a "decent" stand in, it is almost the same as the new announced prototypically accurate canadian Athearn GP9. That's really frustrating, but it is always like that. You work hard to get something not on the market and it pop up just after you complete yours.

Anyway, I'm still liking the job I did. I practiced airbushing seriously, messed up the thinning and got coarse finish. Learn and live they say! Also, I took more care when installing details, taking them to tune them up and pin them to get a better bond with the model.

That said, I think this model would fare nicely on any canadian layout if you're not too much into rivet counting! If I'll get an Athearn GP9 in zebra stripes? Well... that could happen...

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  1. Excellent... Pis oui, embarque un en zebra aussi.... :)