Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First Operation Session

First "official" train spotted in Les Caps since last spring.

 Last Friday was our first "official" operation session on the layout. Jérôme hastly rebuilt the reversing loop to give us some mainline to move the trains since the layout is far to be completed. In fact, only Donohue is in its definitive shape.

Train 523 shoving cars over Malbaie Rive bridge

Donohue's was switched twice and we started to get an idea how to efficiently operate this rather intricate industrial trackage. I was seriously afraid it would turn into an artificially complex switching puzzle, but in fact it was not.

So from a operation standpoint, the new track plan was a success and we got the approval of our real-life railroader Jérôme.

A freshly painted CN woodchip car (this is only a prototype)
However, it became clear we will have to give some instruction on how to switch this industry and to indicate clearly the car spots.

From now, If I find some time, I'd like to print the photo backdrop as soon as possible to continue working on the scenery.

A weird chemical car spotted at Donohue.

I also ordered some corrugated plastic sheet for the warehouse. It will be probably the next building to be scratchbuilt.

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