Sunday, August 30, 2015

Clermont: How You've Changed!

We layed track in Clermont yesterday using the new Shinohara 24"/20" radius curved turnout which end up to be a 24"/16.5" radius turnout in reality. Another reason why I don't have a lot of fondness toward Walthers. What's the point in not labelling products correctly? You'll see the west side of the siding is quite sharp. It's gonna be a restricted area to some material. I'm seriously thinking to commission a custom turnout with a 24"/21" radius to make this spot looks better and run better. But for the moment, it should do the work for a while. If you have recommandation about people building custom turnouts à la FastTrack, let me now.

The new siding can hold eleven 50ft cars which is one more than previously thought. Since we still use a few 40ft boxcars here and there, it means a 10 car trains with a caboose and 2 locos can be spotted there without problem. Exactly what we wanted.

The siding is installed on N scale cork to make it lower than the main track, like the prototype. For some reasons, it doesn't show well on camera. The new team track is lower and nailed directly on the benchwork.

The east curve toward the bridge is very broad and should work well to switch car. On the other hand, the west side is quite sharp at 24" and 22" radius. That a compromise I have to live with. Space is at premium and rebuilding the benchwork wouldn't have giving enough benefits to be worth doing. Anyway, this area will be "hidden" by the rock cut through the steep Cap-Brûlé cliff.

We tentatively spotted the old rotting boxcar at Clermont's west end. It's not definitive, but it gives a good idea. If we keep this setting, a speeder shed will be added.

Clermont's team track is also longer than first designed. Instead of 3 feet, it is now 5 feet long, which is far better. We will be able to store some MoW rolling stock while spotting cars.

Generally speaking, I'm quite satisfied with the scene. It looks broader than though and there's a good visual separation between scenes because of the severe S-curve. Scenery will be minimalist with one or two houses on the hill, a street and a dirt parking lot along the team track.

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