Sunday, August 16, 2015

Donohue's Woodchip Unloader - Part 1

To complete Donohue's scene as soon as possible, I started building the missing industrial structures. The first one is the woodchip unloader, a very generic and simple steel structure.

I built it using thick cardboark and corrugated cardboard. Buildings with large openings like this one are always a challenge because they lack strong internal bracing and can warp easily. It happened, but I have a way to fight back when I'll put the structure on the layout.

Since the building is wide open, I decided to add some structural members to give it some details. Trusses are made out of cardboard while the vertical columns are Rix highway overpass steel girder cut in half. They will be painted baby blue like the prototype in Clermont.

 I also started to weather the structure. I think Krylon camouflage beige is an excellent base to represent concrete. Plain grey doesn't do the job. And you can lighten the beige with various washes if you think it's too dark.

The hardest part will be to scratchuilt the intricate steel structure outside the building. It is fairly complex with staircase. I'll probably take some artistic license on this one!

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