Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weathering Proto 2000 CN Double Door Boxcar

I purchased this car many years ago from a local store when it was heavily discounted. I didn't have use for a 50ft automobile boxcar, yet thought it could be useful in the future.

While reading Richard Yaremko's excellent Canadan Car Pictorial book series, I found out they were into lumber service in the 80s which could fit my prototype.

It didn't alter the model, a straight forward build, something I rarely do nowadays.

I decided to keep the weathering subtle. From my childhood in the 80s, I remember very few rust buckets. Cars were mainly faded, dull and slightly dirty. It was uncommon to see heavily weathered cars. I decided to go this way with this boxcar.

Weathering was essential done by airbrushing a thinned tan color to fade the car paint. It was followed with a thin wash of alcohol and India ink. Dirt was built up by applying several coats in specific areas, particularly the doors, the sill and the roof.

Trucks and wheels were painted a dark brown color and weathered with Dark Earth AIM weathering powder.

I have nothing against rust bucket, but I feel you need to keep a balance between newly built cars, in service cars and junk cars.

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