Sunday, August 9, 2015

Updated Locomotives Roster

Well, having moved the layout era into the early 80s, we had to tweak a little bit the roster. After a discussion with Jérôme about locomotive's issues, we came up with a roster of locomotives to operate the layout.

We aren't planning in investing too much on DCC in a near future for many reason.

So far, the new roster goes as this one:

1 x Rapido GMD1 (Not fully prototypical on Murray Bay, but this locomotive perform so well it would be a crime to pass it up)

2 x Bachmann GP9 (It is possible we will upgrade them with Keep-Alive)

3 x Atlas RS18 (These are kitbash that should be completed by X'mas)

1 x Bachmann GE 44-Ton (Serves Donohue Paper Mill)

1 x Bachmann GE 45-Ton (Serves Ciment Saint-Laurent Plant)

1 x P1K Budd Car (passenger service to Clermont)

A final addition could be an Atlas S2 to serve Donohue and, in the long term, a low-nosed GP9 in a far future.

Sound equipping our pair of Atlas GP40-2W is still a possibility as budget allows. At this point, it ain't much a priority and it's less urgent it used to be.

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