Monday, January 27, 2014

Steady progress

I'm quite satisfied with the layout rebuilding process. Tracks are in the mail with other goodies, peninsula benchwork is now in place and we only need to modify Canardière and 1st Avenue recessed benchwork. Also, we again streamlined the track plan. Simpler is better...

I recently stumbled upon a nice Facebook group (yeah, you know how I hate that LifeInvader thing) featuring vintage pictures of Limoilou. Wow! Many billboards from the 70s, most major roads and buildings depicted. Better, 3 views of Lairet Station in its glory! I already made a CAD plan of it and I'm ready to build it as soon as possible.

Louis-Marie tweaked FastTrack turnout controls to make them work in pair for crossover. That guy will always surprised me!

Also, the five RS18/10 project is going well. I try to work about 1 to 2 hours per day on it. It's tedious repetitive work. I don't think I'll complete them before spring. On the other end, the Bachmann GP9 have been fully CNRized. Only the cabs need some improvement. I'm confident they will be hitting the rail in March. Honestly, I really loved working with the Bachmann shell. Details are fairly decent and parts are easy to disassembled and modify. I really like what that company is doing with its entry-level models, great kitbashing stuff.

The next weekends are gonna be crazy with a lot of track work to do and roadbed modification. I'll have to quickly build Canardière and 1st avenue overpasses. They are crucial elements to be done before gluing down the track.

Our troups are motivated to build a "museum-quality" layout, that's a good thing! No more fiberboard land!!! Welcome scenery!


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