Monday, June 30, 2014

Setting the mood

Donohue Paper Mill in Clermont is a mid-sized industry in real-life. But when scaled down in HO, it is a very large industrial complex. Even if one had the place, it would take a lot of material to build the structure itself.

For these reasons, I decided to make a photo backdrop of mill and only scratchbuild the rail-served buildings, including the woodchip unloader and the warehouse, and a few secondary buildings.

The back drop is about 13' long by 3' high. I can limit the height at 24 inches to save on printing costs, which won't be negligeable. I'll check this week with a few local printing shops about cost and delay. I would like to have it ready by late July, before doing any scenic work near the plant. I'm looking forward to that moment when this empty shelf will become a real industry.

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