Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Donohue in 1983

Quebec Archives (BAnQ) is always a nice place to search for old photographs. Not everything is scanned, but I was lucky enough to find out they made available aerial pictures of Clermont taken in 1983 by Jean-Marie Cossette (Point du Jour Aviation).

Funnily, nothing changed that much since then. Nevertheless, this is good source material to see railcars and trucks in use at that time. Also, it seems the "newer" parts of the mill were already badly weathered.

Donahue in 1983 (Jean-Marie Cossette, BAnQ)

There's less trees... that's a given, but the nice part was to find out a small storage yard existed on Donohue's property.

Donahue in 1983 (Jean-Marie Cossette, BAnQ)
 Environmental issues weren't really issues back then as this direct spillage into the river tells us.

Donahue in 1983 (Jean-Marie Cossette, BAnQ)
And finally, we can get a glance at the GE 44-ton switcher pulling a few cars (on the picture's lower righ quadrant).

Donahue in 1983 (Jean-Marie Cossette, BAnQ)
I must admit I found a lot of source material from 1983 in the recent days. More to come!

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