Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Montmorency Falls Station - Part 3

This project is running smoothly and yesterday was another busy day. Four hours of work were required to put together the small bow window in front of the station. While it is a very small feature, it required extra care when laying the masking tape. Truth to be told, the smaller the surface, the harder it is to make it perfectly straight because of the nature bulge occurring when the tape goes around the corners.

For this reason, I decided to install the tape cladding first, then cut the window openings later and add the window trims last. It did work OK even if it wasn’t perfect.

When the bow window was done, I set it in place on the station and using a brand new X-Acto blade, I cut the cladding along the bow window’s profile. It resulted in a perfect and seamless match between the two parts. Then I cemented the bow window once for all.

A final coat of Krylon tan camouflage paint blended everything together. I’m planning to use this color as a base for the concrete foundation. In the past, I got excellent results using this particular color for old weathered concrete. It had this particular shade of tan that mimick perfectly when sand aggregate in older concrete is exposed by weathering process.

The roof is made of 1.5 mm styrene. I made a 3D model in SketchUp of the structure as built and determined the exact size of each part to make sure the parts would fit without guess work. When cemented in place, I scribed 0.25 styrene sheet to make soffite material. It was then cut to size in place and cemented. Some adjustements will be required to make sure everything fits perfectly before installing trims and gutters. Even if you work with precise CAD drawing, you are bound shim here and there.

For the roof, I’ll use Rusty Stumps auto adhesive asphalt shingle products to save me from severe mental pain. It was supposed to be used for Limoilou station in a previous iteration of the layout, but that project was abandoned long ago.

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