Friday, January 17, 2020

CN Woodchip Car - Pre-Production Models

As my schedule will be busy in 2020 due to various commitments, I'm going forward with the project right now before I can do nothing for months. The goal is to have the models in production as soon as possible with a release date in early summer or early fall. These are all tentative dates and you know how these have a tendency to move as time goes on!

With that said, I'm pleased to announce the actual painted prototypes will be on public display during an open house at our club layout on Saturday (January 17th) and latter in Toronto in early February. I hope these events will raise interest in the product.

So far, production will be handled by Jeff Briggs of Briggs Models. Due to improvement in 3D printing capacities and cost related to photo etching, it has been decided most parts would be printed, in the same fashion the first batch of prototype was done. I'm confident it will improve ease of assembly will providing a great detail level and for most modellers, the kit shouldn't be over complicated and similar to what was to expect from a Branchline boxcar kit in the days.

Even if costs are not all known, I can confidently say the kit should not cost more than $50 per car, including decals, trucks and metal wheels. Given the price of decals and trucks, this is on par with what you would expect from such a similar car. No weight will be provided to save on shipping cost and because most people have their own preference and standard practices in this regard.

It must be noted pre-production models of each car type are actually in the making. It should take a few weeks, as some final design decisions are being made and models improved accordingly. Once these pre-production models are printed to my satisfaction and running well in real layout operating session, real production will be launched. The production schedule is unknown at this point, but release date will be dealt with according to demand. Given 3D printing process, it will be easy to adjust the number of cars produced and provide models according to demand.

Bear in mind this is all new to me and I still have a lot of work in front of me to manage this new venture.

Once again, a heartfel thanks to all the people that have provided assistance to this project and others that have supported it over the years. I hope your efforts and hopes will shine through the finished product!


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    1. Thanks Steve! Now it's time to refine the models so they are compatible with SLA printing. which is quite different than the printer used initially. Surfaces will be smoother though.