Monday, September 18, 2023

Brique Citadelle - Part 2

The next logical step to Brique Citadelle is painting and installing the road better known as Avenue du Sous-bois which used to be the main access to this industrial park until the late 1990s.

I'm certainly no reinventing the recipe. Not by fear of experimenting, but because I want the layout to have a common color palette and techniques to bring in an air of familiarity. As I mentioned in a recent post, just using some different color grass can have a huge impact and I certainly didn't want to gamble.

As always, it's a carboard road painted with Krylon grey primer and camouflage beige. Some light airbrushing blends everything together and add a touch of blue to better capture local tarmac. Powders and colored pencils finish up the road, which is then glued in place with latex caulk. 

Grass is the same blend I always used. The static grass applicator was helpful for some zones, but I must admit I preferred to complete the job with my own fingers. It seems to me each techniques has pros and cons, hence they need to be mixed together to yield the best results.

There are still a lot of things to do, but this area of the layout is taking shape nicely. I particularly love its understated appearance. Indeed, I'll need to add more grass and more ground cover, but I'm not planning to crowd the place with more than a few bushes and trees, utility poles and probably a weathered Volvo front loader reminding us that the site is currently being decontaminated for future redevelopment.

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