Saturday, March 9, 2024

Ciment St-Laurent - Part 2

Ciment St-Laurent is a slow burning thing... we thought it would be fast, but such a large structure do require some serious thought to assemble. But we all know how putting a deadline on layout projects is generally a waste of time.

That said, we have made some interesting progress, mainly related to the bagging plant which may be considered one of the simplest part of this industrial complex.

1950s rolling doors are made of corrugated paper

The MDF structure core was built years ago, but required some touch up. A new 1/4" high foundation was added under the core so the conveyor structure linking the bagging plant to the silos would sit at the right height. A new loading platform and an overhung roof were also glued in place according to prototype pictures.

Another feature is the doors location which, contrary to our initial assesment, were centered but are offset toward the right. This is a strange arrangement, but it probably means so industrial equipment was located on the left side of the warehouse. On the other hand, this offset location creates a more dynamic facade to this otherwise very boring building.

As with the cement plant itself, the structure is cladded with extra fine corrugated cardboard mounted on thick paper strips to replicate the overlapping effect. Even if the bagging plant isn't complete yet, once on the layout, it instantly improves greatly the industrial appearance of that scene! I can't help but see the entire cement plant done soon!

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