Sunday, December 12, 2010

Locomotive CNR #429

CNR #429 running in Allenby after beeing renumbered at Pte St. Charles (1957)

I finally completed this project started two years ago and planned since 1997... The model is an IHC 2-6-0 with oil tender and lettered for Southern Pacific Lines. The prototype is MLW-built ex-QRL&P #22 which sould have been renumbered as CNR #429 in 1951 but was scrapped in 1953. I had to drastically shorten the tender and redo the coal bunker to fit the prototype. Cab details including windows were reworked and a few brass details were added. Railing were redone according to prototype and MLW practices. Paint is an odd mix of Krylon spray can, Polyscale engine black, several shades of Citadel paint (Warhammer!) and Gloss/Dullcoat.

CNR #429 proudly stands on "Grand Nord" mainline in Limoilou Yard (1957)

Wires between tender and engine will need to be redone with connectors. I'll also shorten the draw bar a little bit... This locomotive will now pull trains #524 and #525 on Murray Bay Subdivision. A set of express reefer, combine and coaches in CNR colors will complete the set one day.

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