Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Branchline Adventure is Starting

Sorry, no picture this week. We've been busy, over the last week, deciding the fate of the new layout and its theme. There was huge support to rebuild something based on our original intentions: Quebec City Harbour. However, lack of place, or to be precise, the room geometry, wasn't very forgiving. Many propositions were made, but most were disappointing. One can wonder how we were able, 7 years ago to do this feat on three 3' x 8' plywood sheets. The secret was Atlas SnapSwithes in a maze-like spaghetti-bowl.

After these failed trials, it became clearly apparent to us building a layout inspired by a smaller branchline would be easier to model and maybe more satisfying. Thus, the Murray Bay subdivision track plan designed over the last month was brought back to life.

See you next week!


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