Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Bridge on the River Malbaie - Part 1

Nothing fancy here. I need a deck bridge over Malbaie River on the club layout.

I've been wanting to model this bridge since I saw it as a teenager in the late 90s. The prototype is located over Malbaie River, in Clermont, and is an essential link to get access to the paper mill since 1909.

I recently ordered a pair of 85' bridge from Micro Engineering, thinking I would simply build it per instruction. However, a recent visit at Clermont shown me the bridge is a skewed one and slightly longer Thus, I decided to tackle the challenge of modifying the original kit, add a walkway along the bridge (as per prototype) and scratchbuilt concrete piers from MDF.

So far, modifying the bridge was an easy affair. No need to hack and saw the parts, I just glued them together differently to get a nice angle look. The bridge will be painted black... heavily weathered black with peeling paint effect if I can manage it. I'm not very fond of ME bridge track. Honestly, I don't understand why they make it in such short lenght, except to safe package.I already can see a challenge there.

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