Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back on Track

Yesterday, we had our first club meeting since a month. Decision was taken to start laying track in Villeneuve (cement plant) and D’Estimauville (staging).

However, that means large part of the original benchwork will be rebuilt. Many parts are sagging. It was our first try at building a shelf layout more than 4 years ago and it now shows utterly its deficiencies. On the same occasion, benchwork near the Cement plant will be enlarged to better model the cement plant, which means it will now be 28 inches wide.

Finally, after a long time, it was decided the layout will be completely built in Peco Code 83 track as was planned. There was doubts some code 100 would survive but it probably won’t.

Also, I had the occasion to see my GP9s and RS18s with their sound decoder installed. Jérôme ran them for a few minutes and so far, so good! Nice sound and nice running performance. They now need their final coat of paint, some decals and weathering.

It is expected the layout should be fully operational by then end of autumn. Not a big deal, Villeneuve and D’Estimauville are pure flatland and the track plan is now very simplified.

If can only complete the 8 Warhammer tanks for a friend to get some more time to spend on my train models!

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