Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rebuilding Hedley-Junction

To those who think this project is stalling, be confused! Summer isn’t the favourite time for model railroading. Home improvement, many cultural and family events, vacations and take time to relax have a big impact on the schedule.

Nevertheless, the project is going on at a good pace. Yesterday, we completed the rebuilding of former Hedley-Junction benchwork. Many parts warped badly and St. Lawrence Cement needed a larger benchwork for its yard and cement silos. Next step is to add fascia and fiberboard then paint everything. Also, a pair of small steel bridges were kitbashed to span the diminutive Rivière de la cabane aux taupinières, a very small creek running parallel to D’Estimauville, our terminus in Limoilou.

As you know, we changed our focus from Limoilou Yard to Murray Bay Sub. Both start from the same point in Quebec City. The smaller layout room contained Hedley-Junction until recently but things are different now and this room is divided in to distinct entities: Villeneuve - an industrial yard serving St. Lawrence Cement - and D'Estimauville - an interchange point with Limoilou yard located in Quebec City. I'm keeping the title Hedley-Junction for the sake of familiarity with the readers, but in fact, it now have very little to do with the current layout.

Also, I received many of my locomotives with new sound decoders installed. Priority is giving to a pair of Bachmann GP9. Minimal detailing, painting and decaling are required to complete them. They will be the work force on the layout.

I also acquired a Bachmann GE 45-Ton. This particular prototype was used as a switcher by St. Lawrence Cement. I’ll eventually strip the factory scheme and paint it in the white and blue scheme it used to be back in the 80s.

Thus, so far so good. At this point I’m confident we will be able to lay track in Villeneuve and D’estimauville this fall.

The next big challenge is to print the photo backdrop at Clermont. Hope to do so by the end of the month.

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