Monday, July 6, 2015

Revisiting Harlem Station

Over the last months, I wondered what woudl be my next personal layout project. There was talk to resume working on my Quebec South Shore Railway shelf layout, but finally Jérôme had the last word. His request was simple: rebuild the Harlem Station layout and make it modular so he can move it back to his home when he feels like operating trains.

I took his challenge and decided to make it a benchwork to learn new skills: waffle frame module construction, experimenting with radio-controlled/battery powered locomotives and building ship models for the first time since my high school days. I remember sculpting wood hulls and building ships in bottle in my late elementary school days before building 3 sail ships from Lindberg. Well, I also started building a Santa Maria with a long lost friend of mine, but we never completed the project... life is always full of surprise!

I'm not sure if I'll document this project as much as Hedley Junction, but I rebooted my old Harlem Station blog.

By the way, Harlem Station was an Erie Railroad freight terminal in Bronx, NY. Not the most famous rail-marine terminal located on Harlem River, but probably the most easiest to build since you don't need intricate track work but only many, many #4 right hand turnouts.I'm not sure if it can qualify as an Achievable layout, but it has everything needed to keep someone busy.

It shoud be a nice project to handle during the upcoming vacations. Some travel... personally, I prefer to stay home and immerse myself into serious craftmanship! Oh, and I'll find a second life to many US cars I didn't know what to do with them.

Enjoy the ride!


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