Sunday, May 22, 2016

Completing Scenery in Maizerets

Basic scenery is now complete between Avenue D'Estimauville and the staging area. It represent a 13 feet long scene. I'm quite amazed it only took 3 evenings to get there. Sure there's a lot of things to do, but it is extremely exciting to move forward and see our trains run in a real landscape instead of a brown latex paint wonderland.

Yesterday, the Boulevard Montmorency - a parallell road that runs along the small interchange near Limoilou - was completed. After installing the road (more on that at the bottom of this post), I was ready to apply ground cover following my usual 3 steps.

The land features and road were merged together using universal mud (latex paint + Celluclay). Trying to get that stuff not on the road was kind of nerve breaking!

Then, a good coat of my custom mix dirt latex color was brushed over the landforms. It serves to get a decent basic color before applying scatter material, but also it's an excellent adhesive for the aforementioned scenic material.

Finally, ground cover. As you can see, there's much more grass in this part of the scene. It's because the track enter a residential area and these public areas are well-maintained. A fwe large trees (orms) will grace the small plot at right while small brushes and trees will find their way on the other side of the track.

All week long I've been working on that road. It was made with thick cardboard and sprayed with several grey and automotive primers. Cracks were engraved with a metal point and enhanced with charcoal pencil. The road was then weathered by generously spraying a india ink-alcohol mix in the middle of each lane (a tip by Lance Mindheim).

The yellow line was painted with regular acrylic paint and severely scratched with a hobby knife blade to dull and chip it. In Quebec, most road markings don't last a single winter and are heavily faded. Some additional weathered was done using pastel chalks. It will require some more pastel chalk, particularly along the side of the road where winter dirt accumulates.

No doubt were are in Quebec City

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