Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Break

For the upcoming weeks, Hedley-Junction will take a break while the layout room is refurbished. Some mechanical appliances are due to be replaced and a long due in depth cleaning will follow.

Meanwhile, we will focus our energy on our smaller layout project depicting Erie Railroad’s 149th Street Harlem Station in New York City circa the mid-1950s. If you ever heard about Tim Warris’ Bronx Terminal, this is a similar prototype located in the same area but with a much more user-friendly track work.

You can follow this interesting endeavour at Those familiar with the late Carl Arendt micro-layout website will remember this project was featured on his website in the early 2010s as a “reply” to Jack Trollope’s creative reinterpretation of this fascinating prototype. I’m pretty sure Carl would have been delighted to hear the layout is now in operation mode.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Matthieu that is a really interesting compact track plan modeled in a small area...looking forward at seeing how it all comes together...cheers and have a great summer...George Dutka