Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hedleyville Shows Its True Colors

I'm actually writing an article for a small book documenting the case for the return of strong passenger services to Quebec City. It means I went back to Quebec national archives to dig for more informations. Little did I know I would be rewarded with Quebec Montmorency & Charlevoix Railway original track plan showing how they shared properties with the Quebec & Lake St. John Railway and the exact location of the long lost town of Hedleyville and its station.

While it may seems rather uneventful for most people, this is the first time I finally see a primary source documenting this era and the first generation of infrastructure dating back to QM&C founding days. I've heard about his railway for over 30 years and many books, yet, I finally have a definite image in front of my eyes.

Also of interest, this plan was drawn in 1898 when QM&C and Q&LStJ were concluding a deal that took almost a decade to come to fruition so QM&C could build a station in downtown Quebec City. The document is signed by none other than Horace Jansen Beemer, one of the most memorable railroad baron in Quebec.

Plan annexed to agreement between the Quebec & Lake St.John Rly Co. and the Quebec, Montmorency & Charlevoix Rly Co (credit: BAnQ)

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