Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Subtle colors...

While shooting pictures of my recent scenery progress in Wieland, I photographed the CFC shops with a pair of GP15. Interestingly enough, the camera caught a small detail that was less visible in real life: colors.

As it stands, the shops can't play the role of a background for locomotives because they are too close in colors and too dark. It indeed merge everything in a dark bluish blob where details are hard to appreciate.

Also, the dark color of the shops doesn't blend well with the pale dead grass and photo backdrop. Thus, I'll have to fade the structure and filter the colors to bring it closer to a medium gray. Nothing very hard there, quite similar to freight car weathering, but it should make a sizable difference. Just like a painting, we need to balance the colors of the layout elements so they play together instead of competing.

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