Thursday, October 15, 2020

Hindsight 20/20 Version 4.0

Then next Hindsight 20/20 Virtual RPM Version 4.0 is now just around the corner. For these not familiar with the event, it is a virtual meet that was created a few months ago to replace traditional railway modelling events that were cancelled due to the current situation. Since then, the event seems to have evolved beyond a temporary measure and taken a life of itself. The lineup is always impressive and feature well-established modellers with a wealth of experience in the hobby.

The next event is scheduled on October 24th, 2020 and has always, you must register yourself at to attend. Registration is free but donations to keep the event running are welcomed. I'm also pleased to announce I'll be presenting a clinic on scratchbuilding structures out of paper and cardboard. This is an art I've been pursuing since my highs chool days, first out of necessity, later by rediscovering the incredible versatility of these  readily available materials. This clinic was triggered by Marty McGuirk's own presented on the second Hindsight 20/20. I'll pick up the ball where he left it and try to answer many questions then.

As a model railroader, this will be my first "official" clinic in a model railroading event. I'm generally not attending these due to their virtual absence in the province of Quebec, because I'm not the social type and due to the language barrier However, I've been giving lectures on various subjects over the last 2 decades, so I see it as a continuity of my regular activities.

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