Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fences at Reynolds Cable

On the layout, Wieland is a key element where a lot of operations happens. However, space is at premium and most customers and sidings are implied rather than fully modelled. For this reason, the way the short pieces of track connect with the mainline must required a good deal of attention to create some distance and add a layer of plausibility.

The lumber transload is separated from the mainline by a marshy fields, but Reynolds Cable is right by the mainline in an alcove. Early on, we were decided to build a fence like on the prototype to add a visual distinction between elements. However, we took our sweet time getting there. 

During the last few days, Jérôme soldiered on with this project. Before the pandemic, he already created a prototype of movable chain link fence doors using bamboo skewers, copper wire (hinges) and Alkem Scale Model photoetch stainless chain link kits. In my eyes, his prototype was both realistic and strong enough to support manual operation. It was just a matter of installing it on the layout and complete the fence.

The Alkem kits are extremely well designed. Certainly, not as fine as wedding veil, but much more durable, great looking and easier to handle. At some point, a balance must be reached between realism and practicality. Alkem hits that sweet spot its product.

Phosphore-bronze wire was used to add rigidity to the photoeched panels and provide mounting pins. Fences were then painted with Krylon metallic paint and a dash of light grey primer to replicate aged galvanized steel.

When in place, Jérôme added a few Super Trees to mock up the scene. I have no doubt when the photo backdrop, bushes and trees will be in place, this scene will be an attractive spot to switch. Once again, it shows us very little is required if details are done right.

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